The Stories

This is me, Pragati.

Here I will be telling story of the Portraits that I will be taking.

I am just a ordinary girl who likes to try new things and photography is one of them, trying to find beauty and story in every pictures I take. I am full-time student at the University of Florida studying Chemical Engineering. I absolutely love taking pictures and telling stories through them.

This is Paulomi Modi. She is an honor student at the University of Huston. She also goes by Xendria. She is a die hard fan of Bon Iver. She moved to an unknown country by herself at age of 17, not knowing what to expect here in the States. She is brave and independent. She is witty, sarcastic, hard working and passionate. She is one of the people I look up to and I am grateful to be her friend.

Little Hazel

Hazel is the cutest kid I have had opportunity to take pictures. She had so much energy. She would run around, ask questions full with curiosity in those little eyes. It was refreshing to see the world from little kid's perspective.